John Pack

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know John that I think it is an amazing program you are directing here... truly one of the most rewarding and interesting education experiences of my entire life. I think that your values in life and education are well reflected in the structure and focus of the courses and I admire you for chasing an ideal of education that few have yet to maintain in these times. This has been undoubtedly the best three months of my life! I look forward to possibly writing an article about the school and you once I return to journalism in the States. Thank you for everything: this program, Paros itself, and being who you are. 

– April Wilkner

He gave me authentic feed back on my work…he was kind, direct and honest. He encouraged me to take as many photos as possible (these were the days of 35mm film), to have patience and to take more photos !!!! I put down my camera for many years after leaving Paros…but my receptivity to life and my visual awareness only continued to grow. I directed my patience and devotion to the healing arts for many years and found ways to translate John Pack’s teachings into just about everything I did.

– Jill Root


Nicky Pasterfield

Nicky combines traditional, technical skill with refreshing contemporary aesthetics in an entirely unique style of her own. An ultra-talented artist, a delightful personality, and a great teacher who is very generous in sharing the secrets of her trade. Feeling blessed to have had the privilege to study with her.

– Anna De Roo

I had the pleasure of taking part in The Art of Watercolor studies with Nicky while I was in Greece in 2015. Nicki is a wonderful teacher who is dedicated not only to her art but also to passing her knowledge on to her students with the most genuine and caring attitude. Her talent and gentle personality is reflected in the subtle art form that watercolour is. I could not praise her enough for the level professionalism, passion and kindness she displays as a teacher and as a person.’

– Marketa Kemp

Oil Painting | Monoprinting

Jane Morris Pack

When I said that Paros was the first time I enjoyed learning, it was because of you – never before (and perhaps since) have I met someone who can so clearly see where someone needs help and guide them accordingly. I remember you as both gentle and fierce, beautiful and smart, fun and easy-going.

–Sarah Ransohoff

I cannot express to you how much you have inspired me, and how much I learned from you. You are the best painting teacher, and teacher in general, that I could ask for. You have superior knowledge of the topics, for which I feel very lucky to have been your student. It is one thing to be an exceptional painter (which you are), and another to be an exceptional teacher. You understand exactly how to explain things so that abstract concepts become accessible to even the most amateur of students. You balance professionalism with developing personal relationships with your students, and are encouraging at the right time, and always, always kind. You made me believe in myself as an artist, and made me want to be immersed in this magical world of creation. 

–Sophia Mautz


Jun-Pierre Shiozawa

Despite my inexperience, Jun was always calm, patient and willing to lend gentle criticism or suggestions. Our workshop family was full of wonderful, supportive people and I know we all learned a lot from each other.

-Lydia Rhyne

The course kick started a whole new means of expression for me. I wanted to learn to watercolor so that I could bring life to architectural/ industrial design drawings that I had prior been working on on the computer. Jun taught me the skills I was looking for in this workshop, which I now use on a daily basis in my career. In terms of the experience of the workshop-the word heaven does not suffice. Time spent in class learning technique and skill adds a perfect balance to the experience. You land at the end of each day feeling fulfilled by the people you have spent time with, proud of the things you have learned, and inspired by this paradise.

-Lily Barberich

Book Arts

Caroline Adams

Cari’s knowledge of bookmaking is vast, and it her workshop is enhanced by her considerable printmaking and painting skills. She brings a meticulousness and deep understanding of handcraft to her work and teaching. It has been truly inspiring to learn from someone who cares so much about making art and objects by hand, investing her creativity and love into every intricate piece she makes. Cari is a gifted instructor, with the ability to communicate the often complicated process of bookmaking in an easy-to-understand and fun manner. The care and love she invests in the act of making is infections, and through her instruction she challenges you to think about the scope of what a book is and what a book can be. I experienced an unexpected joy and sense of wonder when I held the first book that I made. I am grateful for the experience of working with such a thoughtful and nurturing teacher.

-Ted Ridgeway

Having the privilege of taking part in the bookbinding workshop at a very young age, has been a stepping stone for me in appreciating the value in craftsmanship and applied arts. From the basic act of folding a piece of paper to the intricate technique of book binding, Carrie passes to her students the romantic and gentle approach that suits this this traditional craft.

-Ramona Ghika