Q: Are the courses in English?

A: Yes, all courses at the Aegean Center are conducted in English by native speakers.

Q: How many hours will I be in class?

A: The classes will run from 10 until 4 with a one hour lunch break. Classes will be from Monday to Friday with special excursions on Saturday. Sunday will be free time.

Q: Will I have access to studio space?

A: The entirety of the Aegean Center and its facilities will be open and available to you at any time of the day or night. This includes various studio spaces (computers for photography students), lounge areas, library and fast Wi-Fi internet available throughout.

Q: Do I need a visa?

A: North American students can travel to Europe with a tourist visa and do not require other documents. Students from other countries will need to contact the director.

Q: How do I get to the island?

A: You may take a ferry from Athens or you can fly to the island. Please check these links for additional information.

Greek Ferries

Sky express

Aegean Airlines

Q: What art supplies will I need?

A: Each class has a list of supplies you will need to bring and those that will be provided. Please check the workshop pages.

Q: Where do your students come from?

A: While the majority of our students come from North America, we have had students from all over the world, including India, Mexico, the Philippines, Sweden, the UK, Norway, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Italy, Spain, Lebanon, Russia...

Q: Can somebody stay with me in the student housing?

A: It must be arranged before your guest arrives with the housing manager.