Monoprinting offers a way to create unique imagery using printmaking equipment and inks. The class offers exploration in several alternative methods: working into an inked plate, chine-colle, transfer and stencil printing. “Play” becomes an important element in exploring these techniques and we will allow it to influence the course. Participants will have an opportunity to explore their own ideas but creative prompts will also stretch their artistic approach. Spontaneity and invention are welcomed.

We have a 21 inch Little John press and most of the supplies will be included in the course. Participants will need to pay for the paper they use. We will also explore many methods which do not require a press. We will be using solvent free inks.

“Monoprinting is freeing and exciting because it combines the skills of drawing, the looseness of painting and the mystery of seeing the print emerge from the press in a new form.”

-Jane Morris Pack

Instructor Bio: Jane Pack

Jane Morris Pack was educated in America attending graduate school with a focus on printmaking. She worked in a fine arts foundry, at a display company and as an art teacher before coming to Greece in 1986. She is head of studio arts at the Aegean Center and teaches drawing and painting. Her abiding love is for Renaissance art and the work of Ancient Greece.

Dates & Pricing

Dates: MAY 31 - JUNE 14  (15 Days)

Cost: $3,400

Price Includes:

Workshop instruction: (5 hours a day, except Sundays)
Occasional evening lectures
Full breakfast every day at a local cafe

Unlimited access to the Center's entire facility
Several shared taverna meals
Transport for scheduled activities
Boat trip day excursion (meal on neighboring island included)*

*Weather Permitting
Transportation to and from Greece and the Island is not included

Monoprint by Jane Pack

Monoprint by Jane Pack